Eps 1569: Elect To Make Your Dreams Come True

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Ann Taylor

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If youare discouraged about the amount of work that is going into making your dreams a reality, your dreams might not really matter as much as you thought. Remember, whenever you do make a dream come true, you can begin working towards another.
Of course, you are much more likely to make a dream if you put in the hard work and have a proper plan. Having you work hard towards your dreams is lifes way to showing you how fortunate you are that you are already living out your dreams. It is true that hard work and determination will help you accomplish the majority of your dreams. You are likely not the first person working toward achieving your specific dreams.
There are many ways that you can approach making one of your dreams come true, but having an overall plan is the first step. Before even deciding on what your dream is, and starting imagining how life will look like once that dream comes true, commit yourself to working toward that goal. Visualizing your dreams coming true is a crucial tool in creating new realities, but trying to control every single detail in order for your dreams to become a reality is going to make you mad.
You may know what your dream is, but feel that making it happen is too hard, maybe you are feeling a bit scared, or maybe you have already accepted that it is a pipe dream. It is a mistake to think that when you vocalize your dream, you are going to lose it. After all, it is your dream, and if you lie, you are just lying to yourself.
Dreaming of accomplishing things that are outside of your ability, or being lazy, is just setting yourself up to fail. You cannot absolutely bank everything on getting one single dream, or else you are bound to end up feeling like a failure if you do not get there. There is no denying that some dreams are harder to accomplish than others. While luck, fate, and genes may have played some role in the success, in the main, making dreams a reality relies on hard work, self-awareness, concentration, and perseverance.
Hard work and intent makes it a reality, and more likely to happen, than if your dreams were stuck in a box in your head. Call on your imaginative powers to make your dreams feel real, feasible, and already real. Once you see your dreams before your eyes, it is time to plan and brainstorm what actions you are going to take to turn them into reality. Break your dreams into actions that will take you there; place them in the order you will need to get them done.
Start by writing a little wish, something that you have dreamed about getting a lot, or getting, and that for whatever reason, has never been able to happen. To begin paving your way towards your dreams, decide at the outset what it is that you really want to happen. For example, if your dream is to marry, then you need to start making financial budgeting plans, and planning out the actions that you are going to be taking every month. If you are thinking about doing something related to a career, such as getting your book published, you will need to plan out what actions you are going to take in order to bring your dreams to life.
The Huffington Post reports, aYou cannot make true, successful changes in your life until you learn how to say noa to the people or tasks that want to suck up your time.a So rearrange your schedule so it fits in with your plans, which, when itas realized, leads to your dreams. Perseverance -- There are going to be obstacles and setbacks -- you are going to have to keep working, double down on effort, and stay the course in order to reach your dreams.
Do not allow the Resistance to keep you stuck in a state of daydreaming your dreams rather than living them. As much time as you can devote to your dreams, to the money for them, the focus for them, the love for them. Keep in mind, this might not be easy, and accomplishing that dream probably is not going to happen overnight, but you owe it to yourself to make something for yourself in your life, to show yourself that you can actually make it, that the grind of daily living has not defeated you.
Clarity, commitment, inspiration, and knowing how to do this are all things that will serve you well on the journey toward achieving your dreams. Access Your Abilities If you are skillful enough, or if you are willing to work hard enough, you can access your abilities. These three tips cannot guarantee your dreams becoming reality, but they can help set you on the right path toward your goals.
Since our dreams do go a long way in defining us as individuals, we should be very careful that our dreams are completely genuine, and are not forced on us by society, our culture, our parents, our spouse...Our dreams are not just aspirational, but also inspiring. I submit that dreams are our main motivating force -- without dreams, we would not have any purpose or plans. Most things we dream of are things that we can accomplish, as long as we are willing to put effort into getting there, to make choices to support it, and to remain flexible about getting there. A dream is something that you passionately desire, and maybe still have a fuzzy sense of steps that need to be taken.
Decided & Believe Many of us will choose one dreamy thing to do, then immediately begin frantically trawling around its edges, scribbling down a litany of ways that it cannot, will not, or should not be true for us. Your dream is an extension of your own unique values and priorities, and all that matters is that it matters for you. Treat our dreams the way you treat holy texts, honoring them, following them, returning to them for inspiration.