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The rich Colombian cuisine will be presented on a four-part series on The Gourmet in Latin America, where you can experience the joy of Latin American cooking on El Gourmet. The channel is currently owned by AMC Networks since October 2014 and operated in Buenos Aires, Argentina by its subsidiary AMC Networks International Latin America.
You can get up to 90+ channels via PlayStation Vue, but some of the most popular food chains will also find it on the service for less than El Gourmet via fuboTV. You won't find a separate app for El Gourmet on Roku, so you'll need to stream via fuboTV. Your channel parameters will depend on the channel package you are subscribed to. As mentioned in the previous section, Yadro packaging is the best option for channel preparation.
However, in order to receive El Gourmet through fuboTV, you need the optional "Latin Plus" package. There is no separate app for El Gourmet on Amazon Fire TV, so you'll have to watch directly through the fuboTV app. The best options for other food channels are Philo, PlayStation Vue and YouTube TV - so maybe fuboTV isn't for you but you still need good culinary channels.
Transfers to the countries of the region will be divided into programming. After you finish your walking tour of Museo del Carnaval, visit El Gourmet, where the five winners will present their episodes on El Gourmet on "Sabores de Latinoamerica's ".
The South will include Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay and will debut on February 1 and the television series "Enjoying Colombia" will air on February 1. One possible alternative is to continue expanding into Latin America with the marketing team to its development. This article was translated using artificial intelligence technologies from our Spanish edition.