Eps 3: Do you ever want rhyme delivery like LL cool j here's how

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You know, lyrics are certainly, lyrics are certainly, you know, particularly as Cool James said, that you have lyrics that are not only, you know, that are there to meet the eye. Cool James thought it was kind of the song I did a track on where I was just, you know, in a zone, but it was kind of complex. Cool James does not know what I will or will not do going forward, but at that time, my basic stuff was just, you know, no one would be able to see me, and not trying.
Then my man, Bobcat came along, Bobcat had the tracks, Marley added a few more rhythms on that, and you know, myself and Marley did an album, I did a couple songs with Bob on the album, and we were just, you know, we were just going with it. They had done a few songs for another rapper that kind of sounded like L-type records, and Russell was like, Well, if these guys are making records that sound like L-type records, why not let us put them together with Cool James and do a few songs. LL Cool J just remembered getting me my deal, and was like, His mom, Def Jam Recordings are gonna let me make 10 albums, she shared.
There is not really an in-between, particularly in hip-hop, but in some ways, LL Cool J has been that, he is been a rapper from the neutral zone, and I am sure that is been true of many. LL Cool J does not actually show up in the best lists or get quoted very often nowadays, so we are not hearing a lot, but at the same time, he is not unloved, and is recognized and respected for his contributions to Hip Hop, and beyond...nothing . LL Cool J does not really appear on top lists and is rarely quoted these days, so we do not hear much, but at the same time, he is not disliked, and he is recognized and respected for his contributions to Hip Hop and then... nothing . He is known for his Hip Hop songs like Go Back To Cali, I am Bad, The Boomin System, Rock The Bells, & Mama Said Knock You Out, as well as R&B hits like Do It, Paradise, I Need Love, All I Got, Around The Way Girl, & Hey Lover.
A two-time Grammy Award winner, LL Cool J is known for hip hop songs such as Going Back to Cali , I am Bad , The Boomin System , Rock the Bells , and Mama Said Knock You Out , as well as R & B hits such as Doin It , Paradise , I Need Love , All I Have , Around the Way Girl and Hey Lover . LL Cool J hosted awards shows from 2012-16. Recently, LL Cool J joined the stellar cast for a 2023 GRAMMY Awards presentation celebrating 50 years of hip-hop. LL Cool J promised the nights showcase was only the beginning when it comes to celebrating the biggest anniversary the genre has ever seen.
Seeing how people embraced LL Cool Js generation of hip-hop has also inspired LL Cool J to branch out with his brand, Rock the Bells, which continues to serve as the go-to classic hip-hop radio station on SiriusXM. Give the artists featured on LL Cool Js classic hip-hop channel called LL Cool Js Rock the Bells Radio, which launched on SiriusXM March 28, 2018, an earful, and you will get examples of just how great some artists are. On the subject of hip-hop culture, LL Cool Js is looking to change how people view classic rap with Rock The Bells.
LL Cool Js thought that it was my job to make sure Rock the Bells elevated hip-hop in a big way, to bring the kind of cachet it deserves. LL Cool Js decided these artists had millions of fans, their fans meant something, and that classic hip-hop has to mean something, just like any other culture, so I have stepped up. That is why LL Cool Js felt that building things like Rock The Bells was even more important to me, to ensure artists that are making music that is not understood by certain groups should not be sidelined simply because a particular group does not necessarily appreciate them.
As neutral as I am with my feelings about LL Cool J, often forgotten will be instrumental to his career, and will become the crown jewel of Rap Music. The lyrics, the rawness, the aggression, the production...everything on LL Cool Js first album was excellent, and with that, a new artist was added to New Yorks pantheon of rappers. This mentality led to the rapper creating his own businesses within the music industry including the company Rock The Bells.
If, for whatever insane reason, LL Cool Js status was not already cemented as the greatest of all-time, his brutal rants on Mama Said Knock You Out removed any lingering doubts. There is a frustration underneath that, since Cool James does not seem to think that people truly get it, that is not reflected in sales, but in comments made, and how critics, and Hip-Hop Press, and community received Mama Said Knock You Out, which I am kinda uncomfortable with. Like so many times, it was why so many of these ladies were able to get on to cool James music kinda quicker than guys, because they were listening.