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Shinichi is Edogawa Konan's real name in Detective Conan/Case Complete, the Japanese version's name, while the English version Edogawa Conan's name is Jimmy. Manga creator Takesho Aoyama paid tribute to two of his favorite mystery writers, Sherlock Holmes creator Arthur Conan Doyle and Japanese detective practitioner Edogawa Ranpo, by naming Case Closed's protagonist Conan Edogawa. His animated version, created by Gosho Aoyama, tells the story of an amateur detective who turns into a child while investigating a mysterious organization. Case Closed is a long-running manga and anime series written/drawn by Gosho Aoyama and published in Shogakukan Shonen Sunday.
It's unclear when Detective Conan/Case Closing will end, as Detective Conan manga creator Takesho Aoyama has yet to reveal its ending. Cheer up, it's probably because Detective Conan fans are still loyal to Detective Conan/Case Closing, even though it's been going on for a long time, and Aoyama wants to give fans something to make them happy. Because Detective Conan has always been a bit slow, alternating between tips on the whereabouts of Conan's poisoned criminals, other cases, and character development, some fans speculate that it will be many years before the author can come to a conclusion. A satisfying conclusion, while others felt it was enough to make the series quickly get busier and eventually end.
As for Detective Conan, the manga started in 1994 by Gosho Aoyama and has since become hugely popular and received an equally long-running anime series. Detective Conan is one of the most popular Japanese anime/manga series of all time, having been in production since 1994 and has sold over 230 million copies worldwide to date.
Whether you watch long-running manga and anime because you're a detective fan or not, the series is sure to introduce you to many aspects of its homeland and make you think differently about its culture. The decades-long manga and anime delve into various aspects of Japan, primarily through the study of the Japanese language and history.
The series follows Shinichi Kudo, a 17-year-old high school detective best known for helping police solve crimes. Detective Conan has a slew of supporting characters, often focusing on a single mystery with a limited number of suspects, though teenage detective Shinichi Kudo's fight against a mysterious criminal organization is a recurring B-storyline. The story follows school detective Shinichi Kudo who turns into a child while investigating a mysterious organization, and once posing as his childhood best friend and the father of other characters to solve many cases .
Since then, the school detective has been living with his childhood friend Mori Ran and his father Mori Kogoro , a private investigator. Conan then decided to live with his childhood friend Rachel Moore and her father Richard, who was also a private investigator. Assume the character of a kid named Conan, who moves in with her childhood friend and father, a detective, and joins her father's investigation, often the one who ends the case with a creative parody. Afraid that the Men in Black would come back to kill Conan's protagonist, if they found him alive, he took the pseudonym Edogawa Konan and lay in his friend's house inside. and his father Kogoro.
The manga was first published in Shogakukan's Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine in 1994. The manga series began in 1994 and the anime aired in 1996; both are still in progress. The manga first entered the series in May 2018 before becoming the official series. Case Closed is adapted into an animated TV series by Yomiuri TV and TMS Entertainment, which premiered in January 1996.
Case closed was conceived in 1994, during the rise of yellow manga due to the publication of the Kindaichi Case Files series; the first chapter appeared in Shogakukans Weekly Shonen on Sunday, January 19th.
Aoyama Gosho had issues marketing the Viz Media translation of the manga . time) and eventually stopped releasing the DVD altogether. Due to several canonical overlaps between Detective Conan and Aoyama's previous series, Magic Kaito, the Detective Conan fandom is closely intertwined with the Magic Kaito fandom and can be considered a larger fandom. Despite this, Aoyama Gosho said that the entire timeline of the manga takes place in less than a year, likely due to the passing of the age of teenage detective Kudo Shinichi bypassing the entire plot.