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Jejak Petualang

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The tropical paradise features 22 ring-shaped atolls made up of approximately 1,200 islands, with each beach more beautiful than the last.
Beachgoers will find pink-hued sands that pop against the bright blue sea at Elafonisi beach.

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WELLINGTON, April 12 (Reuters) - Somerset have had an indifferent spring ahead of a fourth consecutive winter without a win for eight months and need not be changing coach since January, the last six to bounce back from losing 20/32 of their first nine games. Somerset, who have lost five of the 10 matches they have played this winter, have not scored a first-innings one since the first innings of their 3-17 defeat by West Indies at Edgbaston in September. Their first innings, however, owed much to the captain Jhye Richardson, who had a wristy knock of 89 and 17 not out for 28 in the first innings. His bowlers, who lost Michael Vaughan to a ankle injury in the first innings, did give him a pat on the back in the early innings when he dragged a sharp catch by a diving Ryan ten Doeschate. He produced a brilliant example of his off-form all-round skills to ensure the 34-year-old they gave away 35 runs at an average of 79.71 as the hosts bowl on four hours, 40 minutes. But Shane Warne, who has had a hat-trick of six ODI hundreds, drove for another unbeaten half century and half an hour on his way to 119. Warne set the hosts, who had won nine matches in a row, about 300 for all against Somerset in their final match of the winter. (Reporting by Nick Mulvenney; Editing by Tony Jimenez)