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Along with the popularity of Among Us, the special term -sus has entered our everyday vocabulary. The phrase "Sus" has been used many times in different situations over the years, from a joke about someone's behavior to a term to describe action in video games such as the TTT Garrys Mods game mode, and more recently around the world. us. While the word sus a is of obscure origin, Among Us has turned it into a joke that even someone who has never played the game of social deduction can understand.
Short for "suspicious", "sus" is often used in Among Us as a way to hint that someone might be an impostor. Saying someone was "sus" was just... a shorthand for "suspect", the exact same meaning used today . The use of the phrase "Sus" in "Among Us" means that someone is acting suspiciously as an impostor impersonating a crew member, allowing the crew to vote for possible impostors and win among us.
Among Us takes place in a space-themed setting, with each player taking on one of two roles, most of whom are teammates and a predetermined number of imposters. In InnerSloth's recent popular multiplayer online game "Among Us", each player controls a different colored astronaut who is tasked with performing daily tasks on board the spacecraft. In the film, a group of scientists must complete various tasks to try to find out who among them is the shape-shifting alien impostor.
Whenever you play Among Us, the social deduction game assigns players the role of a crew member, someone who needs to survive long enough to complete a list of tasks, or an impostor trying to kill the crew. To complete a task in the popular video game Among Sus, one player must be the only one in the room at the same time and must wait 15 seconds. Teammates win if they manage to complete all of their tasks before they are eliminated. Inspired by their famous video game players, Among Sus is a LARP or live role playing game for players to experience in their own homes. Like the popular video game, Among Sus begins on a spaceship controlled by a team of players, some of whom are imposters trying to kill everyone else.
The entry barrier is very low - Among Us is free on mobile and only five dollars on PC - and doesn't require a lot of concentration or video game dexterity. Among Us is available on almost all devices, free on mobile phones and just amazing. At first, Among Us took first place on the online streaming charts because several famous players started playing Among Us in public but got "stuck" because it's the perfect game for social distancing.
I know the word wasn't invented among us, but it's certainly responsible for its explosion in popularity in recent years. It's easy to pick up in Among Us, available on smartphones and PCs, and fun to play with friends. This is a great team building exercise .
After online games peaked in popularity between late August and early September, they sparked a wave of memes joking about how gamers often accuse each other of being suspicious without any evidence. The word "sus" is not a creation of Among Us, but its widespread use in gaming communities is only due to the success of Innersloth. It has become nothing short of a cultural phenomenon among us, and the spread of the word sus a is a testament to the overwhelming success of the games. Among Us inspired not only memes and merchandising, but also Japanese comics and manga restaurants.
According to InnerSloth, the three-person studio behind the hit game, it passed the three million player mark at the end of September Among Us. Streamers from Twitch, Discord, and YouTube have also largely popularized Among Us, so much so that we have restaurants like Sussy Town's Among Us. Among Us may not have as many licenses as Fortnite, but the indie game Among Us has had several crossovers, including League of Legends Arcane and most recently Scream's Ghostface, although we can't imagine anyone trusting it. who wears. Despite the huge popularity of Among Us, I doubt that Among Us will become one of those ever-popular online games like Minecraft or Counter-Strike.
After a recent surge in popularity and with over 3.8 million concurrent players as of September 2020, Among Us is a game that's set to last for a while, and as for us gamers, it's time to practice letting off steam, not being labeled as sus. During Among Us' period of widespread popularity, Among Us was controversially portrayed by a US Navy esports team, with players in the stream using game titles that alluded to the N word and the bombing of Nagasaki. Players may plead for action while moving or during communication between rounds , but ultimately they all rule out all other possibilities in Among Us or a group of playmates. .