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Camila Arnold

Camila Arnold

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The United States of America, we all say, from the President to the United Nations, is an evolving economy. We are told that, unlike most other white countries, America deserves the title of "developed economy." The building is inhabited by international companies operating there and everyone, except the presidents of the United Nations, tells us that we are a 'developing economy', and they are right.
GDP per capita is not a reliable measure of well-being in a country where the richest 5% of people own two-thirds of the national wealth. Some might argue that there is no such thing as a "developed economy" in the United States of America or any other country.
In a country that is highly unequal in many ways, far beyond its well-being - having had a confirmed case of COVID-19 itself - other inequalities are unfortunately predictable and correspond to the long-term effects of poverty and inequality in the United States. The many divisions in "American society" that will shape people's experience of this pandemic do not exist in isolation. In many parts of America, households are at the bottom of the income distribution, reflecting the often dystopian nature of American inequality.
Even when rich countries take power, the poor know that they will be hit hard if there is a big fight at any point, be it the Great Depression, World War II, or the Cold War. The United States has one of the highest poverty and inequality rates in the world and the second-highest rate of COVID-19.
It is important to remember that the health-care industry has joined forces to lobby . This means that politicians here are distracting voters from the crises that are constantly occurring on a diplomatic, military, and trade basis, where the problems that America needs to solve most are actually right here, right where they are. This is deeply painful, but the United States and the world can avoid years of pain if the government acts quickly.
The bill argues that America has unique values of freedom and liberty that exist only in the United States, not in other parts of the world, not even in Europe. ACT for America is led as an anti-Muslim hate group that is pushing for a ban on the use of Islam as a weapon of war against the US, denigrating American Muslims and deliberately mixing mainstream and radical Islam.
The application of the draft responsibility of the state would also open the proverbial worm can to the United States as a serial violation of international law by many international legal experts. More pragmatically, most countries around the world would probably see this as bending the rules they don't want to know about, and more drastic proposals from the United States would be dead on arrival, further weakening America's role as a world leader.
These measures would also hamper efforts to combat the COVID 19 pandemic, which would result in retaliation from the United States and make the US an even greater threat to global health and security. An "America first" approach is an insult to millions of people around the world who will die if we do not help stop this virus. The world's vulnerable people cannot use the same tactics that Americans use to flatten the curve.
We could insist that the United States introduce gender-specific - blind parental leave for forward-thinking - companies and finally support men in their role as childminders. When a major crisis threatens to destabilise our economy and society, we can certainly respond by trying to maintain the old system, rethink it, innovate and create a better path to prosperity. America needs to take a step back and understand that it could soon flatten the curve and return to normal life.
Demographic predestination, which is strongly shaped by inequality, will determine whether an American experiences two pandemics. When coronavirus deaths are counted, the high number of elderly Americans who have died will reflect the sad universal fact of physical decline. The coronavirus behaves indiscriminately and harms all Americans at the same time, regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, education, income, or political affiliation.
Even if Americans get help from the government, Rashawn Ray foresees lasting financial consequences for people who can't pay their bills now. Only 40% of American adults would not have behaved with enough cash to cover unexpected expenses of $400. The cuts are a direct result of economic inequality in the United States, not government intervention.
Liberals will often say that you get that when you have the Tea Party Republicans who control everything. This is the note Corey posted after our conversation: "That's how I get liberals in this country, they see our institutions as what America is really about. When you say that, how can you forget how you see these institutions for what they really are, namely America?