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This article covers the Haighs Chocolate Factory Tour in Margaret River, the Taza Chocolate Factory Kids Tour in Taza, and two Candy Factory tours in Melbourne: Angell & Phelps and Ethel M Chocolates. The Haighs Chocolate Factory Tour takes you behind the scenes of The Margaret River Chocolate Factory, the Taza Chocolate Factory Kids Tour takes children through the process of making chocolate, and Candy Factory tours include a visit to see how chocolate is made from bean to bar and then packaged.
The Whetstone Chocolatiers Factory Tour offers visitors a chance to sample delicious samples of their chocolates and learn about the fascinating knowledge that goes into making them. At The King of Chocolatiers, you can take a tour to learn about the amazing machinery used to create their amazing chocolates. All of these tours come with knowledge coupons for you to use on your tour, as well as samples of delicious chocolate.
A Chocolate Factory Tour includes a chocolate expert tour guide that will take you through the entire factory and explain the process of making chocolates. You will be able to learn all about the history of Londons Harry and his Chocolates, as well as see all areas of the factory, from production to packaging. Your guided tour also includes samples of some of the delicious chocolates and chocolate gelato made by Londons Harry, giving you an inside look at how they are made. Children are permitted on these tours, with their parents or guardians explaining each step along the way.
A chocolate factory tour is a great way to learn the art of making chocolate and to enjoy the treats! The tour starts in the chocolate workshop, where kids can watch how chocolatiers create their amazing chocolate assortments. You will then move on to the candy factory, where you can see how chocolates, fruits, and truffles are made. After that, you enter into the chocolate shop where you can buy anything from classic Gosford Chocolate to Anvers Chocolate or even single origin cream chocolates from Taza. Finally, there's a room dedicated just for kids and in it they get to make their own chocolates with ingredients like butter and oranges! After all that hard work it's time for a well deserved treat of your own handmade truffles!
A Chocolate Factory Tour is the perfect way to indulge. Anvers Chocolate offers a variety of chocolate tours, from factory chocolate making classes to guided walking tours of the factory and its range of chocolates. You can also shop at Anvers, where you'll find some of Australia's best and tastiest chocolate delights. On your tour, you'll also get to stop in at some of the most unique chocolate shops in Australia. During your guided tour, you'll get an insight into how their chocolates are made and even have the chance to sample some of their finest bars!
Many working candy factories offer factory tours, but only few chocolate factories offer chocolate tours. You'll be able to see the process of how their beloved sweets are made, from the global brand chocolates to Wonka's Chocolate. The tour will take you through the candy company and show you the process of making specific candies, from their start as raw ingredients to the finished product. Along with this, you can expect to find chocolate cafes and rivers that satisfy your sweet tooth! Throughout the tour, you'll also get to experience tastings and even get a look at some of their assembly methods and scenes. Finally, no tour would be complete without a bit of history about how it all started.
At the Phelps Chocolate Factory, visitors are offered a glimpse of the production process and learn how chocolate is made. The knowledgeable staff takes visitors on a tour of the factory floor, showing them how candy is produced on the production line. Afterwards, visitors are invited to sample some of the great chocolate products that Phelps has to offer. For those who have seen the Willy Wonka movie, you can now meet Ethel and learn about each step in the production process from her! The tour lasts about 30 minutes and at the end of it, visitors can purchase plenty of chocolates from their store. All in all, it's an amazing experience for everyone involved!
A chocolate factory tour offers guests a chance to explore the world of chocolate making, including milk chocolate and other varieties. The Mast Brothers Chocolate storefront offers guided tours and self-guided tours, allowing budding connoisseurs to see how they make their artisan chocolate bars. The tour also includes a gift shop where guests can share the company's love of chocolate and take home some goodies. Additionally, they offer workshops where participants can make their own chocolates and even try a white sugar free option. And of course what's a factory tour without samples? The Mast Brothers offer free samples throughout the tour, including their popular Ethel room!
Visitors can view the huge copper kettles that carry liquid chocolate and watch as it is poured into molds to create their famous ribbon candy. Afterward, they can try some of the truffles, strawberry caramel and gooey strawberry centers in the tasting room. At Anthony Thomas Factory, visitors can see how the candies are made from start to finish and shop for chocolates in the storefront. In Zurich, visitors can take a tour around Ethel's Chocolate Factory and learn its history while also getting to sink their sweet tooth into some of its silver-wrapped pipes and created gooey centers. Afterward, visitors can also find out more about their products from their knowledgeable staff members.
Taking a truffle factory tour at the premium single estate chocolate bar Anthony Thomas Factory in Columbus, Ohio is an amazing experience! Visitors can observe nine assembly lines as they watch their chocolates being made from harvested cacao trees. They can also design personalized dark chocolates and have them made to order. From the catwalk, participants can take in the scenes of the factory and observe the production process. Furthermore, visitors have a chance to purchase some of their products before returning home. Finally, visitors may even get to taste some of their delicious creations at Creo's Scenes Factory.
A tour of a chocolate factory is an experience that you will never forget and it's the perfect activity for families. Tours take place in Asheville, North Carolina, where visitors can explore the factory and learn about the process of making all kinds of chocolates. On the tour, guests will get to sample some of their signature chocolates and learn more about their production processes. Guests may also be given a presentation room to watch an interactive session on how Creo's Scenes candy is made from start to finish. The entire process takes around an hour and guests can see how Creo's Scenes creates its art candy, fascias chocolates, and even their new chocolate bar media session.