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Elaine Freeman

Elaine Freeman

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This article discusses an escape room themed after 'A Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.' The room will have 4 themed rooms, and a bar serving bottled beers, wines, soft drinks and tea and coffee.
The main theme is the famous 'Charlie and The Chocolate Factory' and each room will be inspired by a different part of the story. For example, there will be a 'Rabbit Hole' which you have to get through to get to the next bit, like in Dr Seuss' book. There will also be a 'Sunken Sub', where you can find clues on how to progress in the Escape Room.
The 'A Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Themed Escape Room' will be tweaked to provide a unique experience, with many of the elements of the classic book and film. The room design will be put together with many efforts, involving prison panic and new games that hold the room. It will include a reception waiting area for you to arrive at before you start your escape journey. You will have a good chance to experience all the unique sets that come with it, including being able to tell time from an old-style chocolate factory clock or being able to brand yourself like Willy Wonka would do. Of course, there is also the 'Duke of Deception' who has changed things up in this Escape Room game.
He has taken over the original chocolate factory, which Charlie had once visited. The three rooms are now themed after the original adventures of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The 'Boss Play Prohibition Room' is filled with puzzles that must be solved in order to move on. There is also a 'Felt Room' where the player can feel their way around a dimly lit room in order to find hidden objects. And finally, there is a 'Charlie's Fortunate Room' where players must find items that will help them escape.
Our family was transported to a candy factory themed room, inspired by the classic movie 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. Upon entering the room, we were checked in and given instructions. The decorations included vintage cookbooks, plastic science equipment, and items found on eBay. The difficulty of this moderate room allows even older kids to enjoy. Our five family members were split up into two teams of three and one team of two. There was a lot of running around as we tried to find clues and solve puzzles.
The game master was great, dropping hints to help us along and keeping time for us. The room layouts were great, with different rooms having different lighting and everything with a Charlie And The Chocolate Factory themed feel. There was music playing in the background which kept the kids at the edge of their seats. Items found around the rooms gave us clues to help solve puzzles. We even had to recreate chocolate recipes from memory!
A Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed Escape Room was a hit among the group of 6 people. We clicked puzzles, found clues, and worked together to unlock our rooms. Each person had to solve at least one puzzle type - from word scrambles to math equations - in order for us to get enough people through their rooms. The goal was to make it into the Coco-Loco room, where we could use all of the clues we collected in different areas of the factory.
My favorite puzzle was the one presented in the Inventing Room, where we had to find a clue hidden in plain sight. Both of us being escape room virgins, we took things slow and enjoyed each puzzle. We even got to see variations of clue games that we had never seen before. We took turns finding the clues and eventually made it all the way to the Coco-Loco room. It took us about an hour and a half, but it was worth it! We had a great time using our knowledge of ERVs to get our way around the factory and were proud that we were able to figure out all of the clues and solve all of the puzzles.
We had the chance to experience a chocolate themed game that involved taste puzzles and we loved it! The friendly escape room hosts at Cardiff’s newest escape room, Coco Loco, greeted us warmly and explained their brand new game: A Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed escape room. My favorite movies were put to use as we clicked through puzzles that were charming yet challenging. We all used pretty much all of our senses to delight in this perfect family activity. We solved the homemade puzzles and made it out of the factory with a few minutes to spare! It made complete sense that this movie-inspired escape room was a hit among my friends and I. Coco Loco really did an amazing job with their Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed escape room, making it perfect for both adults and children alike.
From the whimsical sets to the interactive factory tour, you could feel like you were walking through Willy Wonka's world. The puzzles and games were also a great way to better integrate instructions and builds a fantastic journey. The childhood world of Willy Wonka was perfectly captured in all the rooms that paid homage to the film. With treats and surprises around every corner, it felt like an adventure from start to finish.
A Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Themed Escape Room is one of the few mobile escape experiences that can bring this magical world to your office, birthday party, or other states. It’s a great team building activity for work students or individual students to explore and solve puzzles together. Each room has its own theme from the chocolate factory—Room Novi, where you have to make a spreadsheet of all the ingredients in each candy bar; Room Veruca Salt, where you must find hidden ingredients throughout the factory; and Room Augustus Gloop, where you have to find a way to get back upriver. It was an amazing experience for all involved!
A Charlie And The Chocolate Factory themed Escape Room was like stepping into a magical world of sweet factory, mad toy inventors and frankly quite wacky things. The lined 3 identical rooms had plenty of different color red, marked doors, with one green door in the middle.