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Yellowstone fans, it's true: 6666, Paramount's second spin-off series, is the work of inventor Taylor Sheridan. While crews have already shot scenes for the upcoming season of Four Sixes, the newly announced project will be shot at a different location. Sheridan will work with his wife and co-creator Amy Poehler to develop a new series that will include the previously announced prequel to the Yellowstone Y-1883, studio officials said. Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan is behind the spin-off, meaning it will have the potential to feel a lot like the popular series that has dominated cable ratings for the past three years.
Overall, the 6666 sale offers a glimpse into the history of a horse purchased from the legendary ranch that has refined and perfected American Quarter horses for more than a century. Snaffle Bit Futurity features scenes with the Y-1883 and footage shot on the reins at Yellowstone, as well as footage of Sheridan and Poehler in action.
Texas is the heart and soul of our nation's ranch history, and no ranch in America is as deeply rooted in the history of the West as 6666, when West Texas was still ruled by the Comanches. Whether you are a fan of modern ranchers, ranchers or just a horse racing enthusiast, this significant offering deserves your immediate attention. American Livestock Brand History and the first American Quarter Horse Futurity in the world, but no Ranching History of America, founded in 1883 when the Comanches still ruled West Texas, no rancher In America, the story is even steeper than 5666.
It is the story of a ranch in the heart of West Texas, where some of the best horses and cattle from around the world were bred, where world-class cowboys were born and where the history of ranching in America was shaped. It is a story about the life and work of one of America's most influential ranchers, and it is interwoven with the stories of those who raised the best cattle, horses, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, and other farm animals, and made themselves a world-class cowboy.
The Four Sixes Ranch represents both the present and the past for Burks and Burnett's descendants, who value their family history, heritage and place in American history.
This historic property was founded over 150 years ago, and few ranches in the United States can match its foundation in 1870. It is of course an honor for 6666 Ranches to represent the sale of their prized Dixon Creek Ranch. A ranch of this size and importance is only released once in a lifetime. We are honored to represent the 6,666 Ranch for sale as a truly historic ranch property.
The story of the Four Sixes began when Burnett bought a herd of cattle at the age of 20 with the trademark 6666. Soon he bought Dixon Creek Ranch in the Texas Panhandle and began to develop his eight ranches into a ranch known today as "6666." At the northern end of this ranch is the largest cattle herd in North America, with over 1,000 cattle and over 2,500 hectares.
The ranch is generally measured in the north and is crossed by five large bottom streams that flow in an easterly direction.
The Four Sixths states that the ranch has produced and developed some of the most highly recognized Quarter Horses in the United States, combining proven maternal genetics with sires that have led to race, cut, cows and ranch performances. The water system is considered very well irrigated compared to the typical ranches in this area and is the only one of its kind in North America. It is an important source of drinking water for the entire ranch area and the 6666 Ranch is generally well watered.
Although the removal of scrub is not a problem, the presence of the Dixon Creek Ranch cattle farm itself contributes to the overall reputation of this property. 6666 Ranch is located in an area that offers excellent access to a variety of natural resources, including water, grassland, forests, rivers, lakes and streams.
The ranch has introduced an ongoing brush control program, which generally spends about $100,000 a year on mesquite spraying, with front loaders clearing cedars. The ranch spends between $50,000 and $60,000 a year to control and eradicate bear grass and prairie dogs.
In the southwest corner of the ranch is a 6-pivoting sprinkler system, which is individually fenced. The rest of the ranch is surrounded by 5-6 wire fences with barbed wire, with 5-6 wire fences on the north and south sides. Overall, the 6666 Ranch is well maintained and is considered one of, if not the best of its kind in North America. No bushland removal or conservation measures have been taken on this property, but the program is very successful and it is recognized as the National Park Service National Historic Landmark and the Arizona Department of Natural Resources Historic District.