10 Bizarre McDonalds Menu Items Disappeared


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Eps 8: 10 Bizarre McDonalds Menu Items Disappeared


The podcast discusses 10 strange items that McDonald's once had on their menu but eventually discontinued. These peculiar offerings included items like the McLobster, a lobster roll that was available in select areas; the McPizza, which aimed to expand the fast-food chain into Italian cuisine but struggled due to long cook times; and the Hula Burger, a meatless option featuring a pineapple slice, which failed to gain popularity. Additionally, the podcast mentions the Mighty Wings, McDonald's attempt to enter the fried chicken market, and the Arch Deluxe, which was marketed as a more sophisticated burger but didn't resonate with customers. Other discontinued items include the Onion Nugget, a precursor to the Chicken McNugget; the McHotDog, which never caught on with the masses; and the McSpaghetti, an unusual choice for a burger joint. The podcast concludes with brief mentions of the McAfrica and McSalad Shakers, both of which faced criticism and eventually vanished from the menu.

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Jo Gilbert

Jo Gilbert

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McDonald's has rolled out some pretty wild menu items over the years, many of which have left diners scratching their heads before they disappeared into the fast-food ether. Let's dive into some of the most bizarre. First up, the Hula Burger—introduced in the 1960s by McDonald's founder Ray Kroc as a meatless alternative for religious observances. However, pineapple on a bun didn't quite catch on. Then there's the McLobster, a seasonal roll featuring lobster meat, introduced primarily in Eastern Canada and New England. It was an ambitious attempt but never really became a staple.

Next, the McPizza aimed to take on the Italian classic, but slow cooking times and logistical issues led to its quick demise. The McHotDog was another ill-fated venture. Although hot dogs are a fast-food staple, they didn’t resonate with McDonald's customer base. In Japan, the Mega Tomago burger featured two beef patties, bacon, and a fried egg, a protein extravaganza that failed to maintain a long-standing presence. Who could forget the McAfrica, a pita stuffed with beef and veggies? Introduced in Norway, it faced significant backlash due to its insensitive name.

The McSpaghetti has intrigued many. Yes, you read that right—spaghetti at McDonald’s! It still exists in some locations like the Philippines, but it never really took off globally. Then, there’s the infamous Onion Nuggets, introduced in the 1970s but failing to compete against their more popular chicken counterparts. The McLean Deluxe, a low-fat burger launched in the 1990s, promised health benefits but lacked the flavor consumers craved. Finally, the Arch Deluxe, marketed as a more sophisticated burger for adults, turned out to be one of McDonald’s most expensive flops thanks to its complicated preparation process and lackluster taste.

From the pineapple debacle to the extravagant Mega Tomago, these items remind us that even the most successful brands can sometimes take a misstep. While they didn’t stand the test of time, they certainly left a lasting impression in the realm of fast-food lore.